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Kings of Nations

Kings of Nations is a browser based multi-player online game.

In Kings of Nations, player selects one from two of the civilizations, either Eastern Civilization or Western Civilization and plays on a randomly created map. Players begin with one main city, Central Government and some necessary resources and fight against other kings or cultures until he/she finally remains in the world. In the Central Government player can build different constructions, and developing new technologies. Different constructions have different functions. Before you launch the war either against the real player or against the NPC city, make sure you city economy is healthy. You have to find a balance point between economic developments and enhance your military force. Once your reputation reached enough level, you can set up your own country and command your underlings to attack your enemies.

You can also allies with some other nations, but remember choose your friends carefully, your enemies will choose you.

Kings of Nations is not only a strategy game, it has AI system and battle scene. You can command your army and decide its tactic when you are online. If you are offline, the AI system will help you.

Different Civilization will have some slight differences in the future.

Your Nation is waiting for you to explore, my King.


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