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ZAP engine

ZAP Engine

What is the ZAP Engine:

The Zap Engine is a collaboration between different members of the MWG Forums. The engine will be at the end a bit more than a simple empty engine as it is meant to be a full working default game. Admin tools should allow to edit most if not all part of the games content like "location contents" (for example jobs), battle monsters, etc...

The game will take a full modular design, and will allow new developers to just develop modules without the requirement to change the core files or at least limit those.

Feature list:

- Modular design

- Compatible with php 4 and 5

- Engine under the GNU license

- Secure (core and default modules, we cannot guarantee that all modules written by external people are also secure)

- Template and skins completely customizable (buttons, colors, placement of the items etc...)

- Easy to develop

- Doesn't use sessions, instead use a self made cookie (allows load balancing and other)

- Will work mainly without crons and certainly without 5min or 1min crons.


- Out of the box secure game

- Free to use and develop

- Collaboration between multiple game owners to create / maintain it

- Go away from those all to well known mafia game engines

- Offer more flexibility than the previous mentioned engines

Сайт: http://zapengine.com

Сваляне: http://zapengine.com/getzip.php

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